Tricks for iPhone Owners to get easy to use, great user interface and useful information that saves time!

Here are some cool features on your new iPhone that might not be immediately obvious to you:

  • To take a screenshot, hold the home button and click the sleep button. The screen will flash white and the screenshot will be stored in your camera roll.
  • To save any image from the web to your camera roll, simply press and hold the image. A menu will appear asking “Save Image” or “Cancel”.
  • If your iPhone gets stuck then press and hold down the Home button and the Sleep button for a while to restart your iPhone.
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  • To copy text, press and let go of the text and touch Select or Select All to choose the words you wish to copy. To paste text, hold and let go of the area where you are pasting to and touch Paste.
  • Press and hold the skip forward/back arrows to fast forward or rewind rather than skip tracks. Also, press on the album art to manually FF/rewind.
  • Hold a letter for a popup of various versions of the character. For example: é, ë, ñ.
  • When typing on your iPhone, double tapping the space bar at the end of a sentence automatically enters a period followed by a space.
  • When typing a URL in Safari, you don’t have to type the “www” or the “.com”.For instance, for just type “gmail” in the URL box. Note: Your search engine must be set to Google, not Yahoo.
  • When browsing the Internet on your iPhone’s Safari browser, double tap any column, word, or picture to fit it’s width to your iPhone’s screen.
  • Hold down the “.com” key for “.net, .edu, .org” keys. Note: Slide your finger from .com to .net/.edu/.org, rather than lifting and pressing.
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  • To instantly scroll to the top of the page in almost any app, just tap the status bar at the top (with the clock on it).
  • To email multiple photos, go to your Camera Roll in the Photos app, tap the icon on the bottom left, then individually select each image you want to email. Finally, touch Share at the bottom, then Email.
  • To reorganize your app icons, touch an icon on the home screen until they all start to jiggle. That is your cue to grab icons and move them around. For example, because I use my Camera more than my iPod, I moved the Camera icon to the dashboard at the bottom to make it more accessible. I also move apps I don’t use (Stocks, Contacts) to a separate page by dragging the icons off-screen to the left or right.
  • To add a shortcut to your favorite website on your home screen, visit the site in Safari, press “+” and then “Add to Home Screen.” An icon will appear on your home screen for easier access to your bookmark.
  • You can delete mutiple mails (or sms)at once or delete them individually . For multiple deletes, simply click Edit, tick up the desired emails(or sms) and then choose delete. To delete a single email (or sms), simply swipe your finger across the desired mail (or sms), then press delete.
  • To pinpoint your location in Maps, tap the icon on the bottom left of a map. Your location is represented by a flashing blue dot. If you have a 3GS, tap the lower left icon again to reveal your cardinal direction (a headlight on the blue dot points north, south, east or west).
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