Jun 08

Copy SMS From iPhone

Apple by default has not given any option to backup or copy SMS from the iPhone.

The workaround is to copy the sms.db database file from the iPhone onto your PC and browse it using the “SQlite Browser” which can be downloaded from here.

On firmware 1.1.4  the sms.db file can be found at the folder  /private/var/mobile/Library/SMS. My previous post will help you browse the iPhone.

Jun 08

Copying [any] Data to and from the iPhone

Unlocking the iPhone by default installs another app called Open SSH. Look out for the installed applications in the ‘installer app’. Please install the same if its not already there. Download the WinSCP client for your PC. Get your system and the iPhone connected to Wi-Fi. And note down the IP address of the iPhone from its settings panel. for eg

Run the WinSCP.exe and connect using the following parameters

  1. Provide the Host Name as the IP address of iPhone
  2. Port will be the default of 22
  3. User name : root
  4. Password: alpine

Thats it, You are now connected to the iPhone. You may now drag drop any file into the iPhone and use up the 8 or 16 GB.

This doesn’t completely solve the problem of blocked USB Drive usage of the iPhone as it requires you to have WinSCP and Wifi availability at all the Systems to which you want to connect the iPhone.

Found another great solution today @ t-pot. It has got complete instructions as to how to get it worked, so i am not repeating it here. With this you can connect to iPhone even without Wi-Fi, but require you to install a software called Total Commander which is not a freeware and comes with a 30-day trial tag. T-pot is a Plugin for Total Commander. Worth a try!!!

I also came across something called iphonefs. But was not quite able to get it working.

I would be describing the iPhones directory structure in some future posts.


Jun 08


Here I am going to discuss the possible solutions to the fallbacks of iPhone which i described in my earlier post.

Before we proceed we would need to unlock and activate the iPhone. Find more about unlocking at http://www.ziphone.org/.

Ziphone also installs the “installer app” onto your iphone.Which would be required for all of the below.

  • Copying Data onto the iPhone
  • Copy/Backup SMS From iPhone
  • Video Recording: Steve jobs has again forced in restrictions. The iPhone inbuilt camera application doesn’t support video recording. But we have the iPhone video recorder to the rescue. It can be installed via the installer application. Unfortunately its not a freeware and comes with a limitation of maximum 30 recordings that too with a limit of 30 seconds per recording. You may purchase the full version for $US 19.95 from here.
  • Forwarding SMS from iPhone
  • I will be addressing one problem each post………be back for more


Jun 08

iPhone Uncovered


If you are looking for something related to unlocking your iPhone please visit http://www.ziphone.org/.Here I am gonna discuss its drawbacks. So that you are aware of the”Things Which It Can’t Do” before you buy one. At least that is what I researched before getting one.I need to mention that these drawbacks vaporise when compared to the feel that the iPhone gives.These points below aren’t good enough to make you stop buying an iPhone. Its just for ‘awareness’.I know of workarounds for a few of these problems. I have marked them with a images.I will be posting these solutions in my next post. But you would need to install third party applications for getting it done, which is a bit annoying.So here begins :

  • The first basic problem which I observed was that the “Bluetooth doesn’t support anything other than the Bluetooth headset“. You can’t use the Bluetooth in the iPhone to transfer files (photos and obviously not songs) or contacts to and fro other phones or even your PC.
  • imagesNo USB drive support: You cannot use the iPhone to carry around your data. i.e. You cannot use the 8 or 16 GB memory asyou wish to. You can only use it to sync songs, videos, calendar,contacts etc.When you connect the iPhone to your PC with the data cable all you see in your My Computer is a drive which contains only the pictures taken from the iPhone camera. “You may cut or copy it into your PC” thats all you can do withthe drive. You cannot even paste data onto it unlike the iPod’s whichappear as a normal drive when plugged in.
  • imagesNo video recording and camera doesn’t have zoom.
  • imagesLimited number of ringtones.New ringtones can be added only using the music you purchase throughthe iTunes. SMS tones are again limited and you even cant add new tonesthru iTunes unlike ringtones
  • imagesNo SMS forwarding:You cannot forward any SMS or even the ability to delete individualmessages is missing. You will have to delete the whole conversationwith that person if you want to delete something.
  • You cannot send business cards thru SMS, Bluetooth or even mail, as in other phones.
  • No MMS.
  • The normal headphones can’t be used with the iPhone. It has some sort of a longer plug with three layers. Don’t know the exact specifications. Apple specs page says its a 3.5-mm stereo headphone minijack
  • imagesYou can’t open office documents or PDF’s on an iPhone,In fact you can’t even store such things on your iPhone as discussedearlier. The only place you can read PDF or word docs is in the emailapplication.
  • imagesWhen you send a picture thru an email it forcefully compresses the size without giving an option to send in full resolution.
  • No FM Radio

So you see a 6 images out of the 10 problems identified. thats good enough. And with the iPhone SDK out we can expect more goodies to arrive soon.