How to Jailbreak iPhone(all models 2G-3GS) using BlackRa1n (for WINDOWS)

Step-by-step Guide to Jailbreak all iPhone Models (OS 3.1.2)

Note:¬†There is a minor drawback of this jailbreak for 3GS users. i.e Whenever the iPhone’s battery gets fully drained then u’ll have to re-connect it to the computer and reboot it using Blackra1n ūüôĀ

This process only  jailbreaks your iPhone, you can unlock your  iPhone with BootNeuter and Blacksn0w. The links for unlocking your iPhone is provided at the bottom of this article.

1.Pre requisites:

  • Upgrade to latest iTunes available here.
  • Download and upgrade to OS 3.1.2 for your iPhone through iTunes.
  • Download Blackra1n

    2.Now run the Blackra1n.exe that you downloaded just now.

    3.Now connect the iPhone to the PC & press the make it ra1n button inside the window.


    4.Now the iPhone will go under Recovery Mode. The recovery mode screen will look different. Thats ok.

    5.The rest of the process happens on its own. Once everything is done the iPhone will reboot.
    6.Then a window will show up saying “Enjoy Your Jailbroken iPhone”.
    7.After the iPhone is restarted. You’ll see a new App icon added, named ‘blackra1n’. Launch this app.
    Note: Internet connection is required for the next step. So make sure you are connected to the net.
    8.Now choose the desired Installer. I prefer Cydia.
    9.Blackra1n will download and install your selected Installer.
    10.Once this is done you can find your selected installer in the home screen.
    To Unlock your iPhone 2G visit here and for 3G and 3Gs user click here.


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