Downloading online videos from almost any site to your PC

Ever wished if you could save your fav. videos you watch online to your hard drive so as to not waste time streaming them online each time. Well today i’ll give you’ll a tutorial to do so….

Applications that you need: NirSoft Video Cache Viewer <— Download here.

Whenever we surf the net most of the data( Images, videos, html files that etc.) gets stored onto our hard disk (ex. Temporary Internet Folder). What the application basically does is that it shows us these files in an organised manner.

This is the preview of the Application.

You might not be able to understand anything at first this because of the default settings of the App. It shows up all unwanted files like images, audio, and html files etc. which we don’t need. So first we need to remove these files. Select the Options in the menu bar and untick the unwanted file formats.

Once this is done a lot lesser files will be visible. Most of the files that are available online are in Flash format(.flv).

First go to your desired site and search for your video.

Here i’m using Youtube which is the most preferred site for online videos.

Once the video starts loading you can notice that a new file is visible in VideoCache. If not visible then press the refresh button that is below the Options menu.

As the video loads the size of the file keeps on increasing in the App.

Let the video load fully. Play it online once. When it is loaded fully, Right-Click the file and select Copy selected files to… or F7 , then browse to the destination where you want to save the file.

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