Copying [any] Data to and from the iPhone

Unlocking the iPhone by default installs another app called Open SSH. Look out for the installed applications in the ‘installer app’. Please install the same if its not already there. Download the WinSCP client for your PC. Get your system and the iPhone connected to Wi-Fi. And note down the IP address of the iPhone from its settings panel. for eg

Run the WinSCP.exe and connect using the following parameters

  1. Provide the Host Name as the IP address of iPhone
  2. Port will be the default of 22
  3. User name : root
  4. Password: alpine

Thats it, You are now connected to the iPhone. You may now drag drop any file into the iPhone and use up the 8 or 16 GB.

This doesn’t completely solve the problem of blocked USB Drive usage of the iPhone as it requires you to have WinSCP and Wifi availability at all the Systems to which you want to connect the iPhone.

Found another great solution today @ t-pot. It has got complete instructions as to how to get it worked, so i am not repeating it here. With this you can connect to iPhone even without Wi-Fi, but require you to install a software called Total Commander which is not a freeware and comes with a 30-day trial tag. T-pot is a Plugin for Total Commander. Worth a try!!!

I also came across something called iphonefs. But was not quite able to get it working.

I would be describing the iPhones directory structure in some future posts.


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